Andrea Parmenter for Durango School District 9-R Text Messages

Parmenter Digging Deeper

A lawsuit has been filed by concerned members of the Durango Community alleging that Andrea Parmenter, candidate for the Durango School District 9-R, moved out of the District she represented, concealed it from the public, and then timed her announcement to require the vacant seat to be appointed, rather than elected, denying members the opportunity to elect their representatives, an illegal an unethical act.

Previous open records requests to Durango 9-R for records of when Andrea Parmenter notified the school district of her move to another district has resulted in a response that there is no written or electronic record of her ever notifying the district.

The Durango School District is now claiming Andrea notified the District on August 10, 2021 that she would be moving out of District D on August 16, 2021.  However, official minutes from that meeting (see View Minutes linked here) do not reflect any such notice by Andrea Parmenter.  In fact, at the August 10, 2021 meeting, Andrea was making herself available to represent the board at events taking place in the future, to include an event on August 16, the date she was supposedly moving to District E, a Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB) meeting on October 5, 2021.  Further, since Andrea Parmenter indicated she was couch surfing and did not in fact maintain her own residence in District D, where was she expected to be moving from?

After evidence Andrea Parmenter filed a change of address form with the US Postal Service in May of 2021 to her new address in District E was included in a recently filed lawsuit, Andrea finally released a new statement. Interestingly, while Andrea Parmenter does not currently sit on the school board, she also carbon copied her statement to the Durango School District 9-R Superintendent Dr. Cheser and Public Information Officer Julie Popp, also named as a defendant in the current law suit.

In this recent statement, she now admits she vacated her residence at 2341 Forest Ave in May.  She states her long-term partner, Barney Siegel moved directly into their new house in District E at 440 County Road 239,  Andrea offers that she was so committed to maintaining her eligibility to serve on the school board part-time and without pay, that she essentially couch surfed with friends in District D, while looking for another residence in District D.  She did not address why she was still looking for a home in District D while her partner had already signed a lease and was living in District E.

Is the community to believe that she was going to stop living with her partner, in order to remain on the school board in District D?

Andrea Parmenter now claims “The 9-R school board was made aware of my property search and dates as well as the fact that upon failing to find a permanent home in D, I would not seek election in District D, but in E where I now reside. I was away most of the summer and the board was on recess for the month of July.”

This appears to be an admission that Andrea notified the school district of her search and possible move at least before July of 2021, a notice the school district has denied receiving until mid-August.  While Andrea includes in her latest statement that she was looking for housing over the summer to remain in District D, she also says that she was “out of town more than in town.”  Andrea continues that, due to being unable to find a suitable new residence, she was forced to relent and move back in with her partner, into his house in District E, where she had already notified the US Postal Service that she was moving back in May.

Andrea Parmenter’s Story Continues to Unravel

After reading Andrea’s most recent claims on the timing of her relocation to District E, an associate of Andrea Parmenter’s reached out with additional information, claiming Andrea indeed moved to District E with her partner Barney Siegel in May, 2021.

In the below text exchange, On Friday May 14, at 11:02am, Andrea Parmenter sent a video to group, writing:

Andrea“Look at our cute new neighbor – there is wildlife galore here, holy smokes!!!”

Other Party“so cool! where are you guys?”

Andrea“At our new home on 2 acres by the Fort.  That is our driveway and I was just sitting on the porch drinking my coffee and that cute fox ran across it…”

Images of this text exchange follow, click on each one for a larger copy.

Andrea Parmenter text 1

In the spirit of Andrea Parmenter running her campaign based on transparency and accountability, she should recognize her inability to provide either to our school board, based on her unwillingness to provide the voters and residents of Durango a straight or honest answer.

All candidates for the school board should denounce her illegal actions and demand better role models for our children.

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